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Tall Shopping Tips: Pants

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

As a tall woman, I have come across a few tips that help me when I go out shopping. Shopping can be a drag because I am six foot tall and plus size, but I still take the chance to see what I can luck up on at a decent price. So with that I have gained some knowledge when it comes to shopping to fit this tall frame. Below I share three tips that I hope will help you on your next shopping adventure.

Tip #1 Average length just might work!

I was shopping in Rainbow and saw a rack of pants. The pants caught my eye because the legs of the pants were bunched up at the floor. In places like Rainbow I do not expect to find "tall" or "long" pants, so I mainly shop there for everything else, but these pants caught my attention. I went to the rack and checked the sizes and of course they all said average or nothing at all, but I couldn't help but to pick up a pair, hold them up against me to see where they landed and they were to the floor. To my surprise I picked up two or three other pair, rushed to the dressing room and tried them on, low and behold, they were long enough! (and on sale)

Tip #2 Let the seam out of a pant to get more length

Some pants have an inseam that is half an inch to an inch long. If you find yourself needing a little more length or if you see a pair of pants in the store you like, check and see how much inseam there is and you may be able to get away with getting some more length from letting out the bottom seam. This works really well with cuffed pants. I have come across a pair of pants I really loved that were cuffed, but too short for me with the cuff. I did not have to have the cuff so I decided to let the seam out and wear them without the cuff. If you do not know how to take a seam out, you can get help from a tailor or a seamstress. You can usually find them at a dry cleaners. Like I mentioned in my previous post, my mom is tall and she also sews so I learned a lot of this from her. When you take a seam out of the bottom, all you need is a good iron and you are good to go.

Tip #3 Buy two of the same pant, cut the extra material from one pair.

This tip actually came from Wendy Williams. She said on her talk show one day she buys two of the same pant that she may like that is too short for her originally, gets the seamstress to cut the length off of one pair, sew it on the other pair to make them long enough, then turn the pair that was cut from into capri's or cute shorts. I have not tried that, but I am sure that is something that could be helpful to someone.

Well, I hope this helps you in your shopping endeavors! Have you heard of any of these tips? Have you tried any of them? Let me know below your tips for shopping for pants that are long enough. I really want to know!

Thank you for your time! TheRLSLife❤️

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