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Long Sleeves, Please!

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Finally, a dress that has sleeves that are long enough even after it has been washed!!

Have you ever had a dress that fit nicely

Being tall was a struggle for me as a child. Like every tall female we all have and had the same struggle fill in the blank in the comments...pants not _____ enough, dress too _____, shorts too ____! Shall I go on? LOL! Oh how I wish I had all of the options as a school girl as I do now!!! As a young lady all I had to choose from was JCPenny catalog, Tall Etc. (which was expensive for my mom's budget), Long Tall Sally and a few catalogs, yes catalogs, that carried tall or long clothes. Lucky for me my mom is tall too, but older so it made being fashionable a challenge. The items I liked she didn't like and she would often say "It's my money. When you get a job and make your own money you can buy the clothes you like." Please believe me when I say, when I made my own money I bought the things I wanted. I bought things that were in style, age appropriate, cute, etc., but keep in mind this was before internet shopping. Oh, but now...

Online you have options, but in the store there is still room for improvement especially in the shoe department because if you wear above an 11 options are non-existent, but ohhhhh the struggle is nowhere near where it was as a girl and I am so grateful for that.

A few places that have Tall that I continue to shop at include the following:

New York and Company

ASOS Tall (dress pictured was purchased online over 2 years ago)

If you know the struggle share with me how you handled it as a youngster and how you master your style now.


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