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Affordable Accessory Purchase: Hat

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

As I stated in my Introduction Youtube video, I am frugal. The hat pictured below was a nice 13.59 originally 34.00.

I am the type of person that likes things that are AFFORDABLE, cute, versatile, and timeless. The hat pictured was bought 2 years ago, but is still fashionable in 2021, especially at a price of 13.59, from clearance of course!

When looking for items on a discount, the best time is when the season is about to change and stores are getting rid of the previous season's merchandise. My favorite time is between Fall and Spring because all of the outerwear, boots, and Fall colors are marked down to make room for the Spring inventory. The Spring inventory involves bright colors and less material. For me, I am usually able to find a piece at an affordable price, that I know will be wearable when the season comes around again. The same applies for Summer going into Winter.

The hat pictured above I bought at a JCPenny store. JCPenny is actually one of my favorite stores to shop, especially when it comes to a sale. JCPenny used to be very generous allowing you to use a coupon on top of all of the sales too.

Hope this helps you with your shopping in 2021! What is your favorite accessory? Where are your favorite stores to shop? Do you have any hacks to save money?

Thank you for your time!! TheRLSLife

P.S. I have receipts! LOL

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