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Tall Woman Guide to Dresses for Work

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

It’s the “midi” dress for me!! I have found the sweet spot when shopping for dresses long enough for me that I feel comfortable wearing to work that is not a maxi dress (those are a given). When it comes to dressing for work, I like for my dresses to be long enough for me not to have to worry about it riding up throughout the day. I have had some hits and misses, but when shopping, I try to look for “midi” dresses. Online I have discovered “midi” dresses often have their own category which makes my shopping experience easier.

When I purchase a “midi” dress, the length is usually acceptable for me, even after it has been washed. Have you ever had a dress that was long enough for your preference, but upon washing, it was too short (and sometimes too tight)? That may just be a #tallgirlstruggle, but with working in the presence of students, I always like to present myself in a professional manner. Being six foot tall, I am always noticed by the students, so I like to set a good example. Everyday I hear, “Oh she’s talllllll.” All I can say is “Yep, I am.” With a big smile of course.

As mentioned in previous post, one of my favorite places to shop is Since all of the brick and mortar stores for New York and Company have been closed due to Covid, I rely on the models on their website to help determine if a dress or skirt will be long enough for me. One of my favorite features that are on some websites, not all, is when they note the height of the model that is wearing the dress/skirt I want to buy. That helps me to gain some perspective on how it will fit me and limit the number of returns I have to make. I also prefer to see the item on the model instead of just a picture of the item. A model helps me make a more informed decision when shopping for dresses or skirts, because I can see how where it falls on a person.

The dress pictured (old) from New York and Company. It is a “midi” dress in a size XL. I would have preferred a Large, but it was a Christmas gift from my mom and clearance item so, options were few. Being that it was in my favorite color red, I didn’t think I could live with myself if I left it, lol! At the time of purchase, I was a bit smaller and I knew I could have it taken in, but that is a hack for another time.

Well, I hope this post helps you to search for dresses and skirts for work if you prefer a longer option that's not a maxi. Now, outside working hours, for me, I do not mind a shorter dress/skirt.

Help me out, how do you manage finding dresses/skirts in your preferred length? What are some of your favorite stores to shop for dresses? I would love to know, for real!!!!

Thank you for your time!!!

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