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Ten Affordable Places to Shop Size 11 Women Shoes pt. 2

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Size women 11's are getting easier to come by if you know where to look. previously, I shared ten places I have bought size 11 shoes and here I will add ten more along with some recommendations that I hope can help you on your search.

In my previous post I mentioned the difficulty of wearing a size 11 since I was 11 years old. After accepting the fact that my size in cute trendy shoes is hard to come by, I had to learn to improvise. Wearing a size 11 comes with its challenges but here are a few recommendations that allow me to have options when it comes to the choice of shoes in my closet.

Recommendation #1

When you see a shoe you like in a size 11+, buy it, do not wait for “the” or “a” sale. In my graduate school days I worked for Payless Shoe Source and going through inventory, I can tell you from personal experience they only had one or two extended size shoes of a particular style. Unlike in the size 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10, they send several pair of the same trendy shoe, so if you see it, you like it and can afford to buy it, get it, if not, a girl like me will come along and scoop them right up and then your feelings will be hurt when you come back for the sale or to see if they were marked down.

Recommendation #2

This day in time, do not be afraid to call a store before you take the time to drive and expose yourself to the elements trying to find a shoe. When I have called, depending on how big of a store or if I get a switchboard, I just ask for the shoe department or apparel department. Once I am in the correct department, I ask, “What size women’s shoe size do you go up to?” Often times they know and more often than I like to admit they say, “10”. Once I have my answer I say “Thank you” and hang up. They also tell you to look online, but that is to be expected.

Recommendation #3

If you see a shoe you like in another size, but not in your size, ask them to look in the back of the store or check their system. Some stores can check to see if they have the shoe you like in the back of the store, at another store or online. Payless use to do this and give you a coupon for your trouble and travel, but JCPenny is one store that is able to look up the shoe for you, as well. Sometimes I get lucky and I am the type of shopper that if I really like a shoe, I will drive to get it. Just be sure to call or have the store call the next store to make sure the shoe is really there. I have driven between stores before and they have either sold it, or thought it was in the store, but they couldn’t find it once I got there.

Recommendation #4

Don’t waste time looking at the shoes in a store you have never shopped in before. Like I stated previously, ask the sales clerk “What size do you go up to?” Unless you are shopping for a someone else, if they do not say your size, exit stage left.

Recommendation #5

Don’t be afraid of the men’s section. Most of my sneakers come from the men section, but I have noticed some casual shoes that could pass for a woman’s shoe. For reference, I wear a woman size 11 shoe and a man size 9 shoe.

Here are a list of other stores that I have bought a size 11 shoe from:

(some stores listed I have only bought shoes in-store or online possibly not both ex. Burlington I have only bought shoes in-store and Roaman's only online)

  1. Roaman's

  2. Bass Factory Outlet

  3. Norstrom Rack.

  4. Half of Half Name Brand Clothing.

  5. Burlington.

  6. Lane Bryant.

  7. Clarks.

  8. Maurices.

  9. JCPenny.

  10. Famous Footwear Outlet

Hope this helps!! TheRLSLife


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