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Overcoming fear!!!

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Here I am after eight weeks of writing, recording and kind of posting. Am I where I want to be? No. Does doubt creep into my mind? Of course, but I made a promise to myself and I have to keep it. For years I have had the desire to produce content to help others, mainly, the tall woman and other women looking to find affordable makeup and clothing items to make them feel put together without breaking the bank. Below I will share some tips that have helped me continue going so far, even without any views, likes or comments.

I don't get down on myself!

Are things perfect? No, but I keep pushing through week after week because I promised myself I would. I am looking to the future! I am proud of myself for taking the first step in getting this blog, etc. off of the ground.

I made a promise to myself!

I made a promise to myself that I would give this a year. Why did I make a promise to myself and why did I designate one year? I made a promise to myself because I started and stopped for so many years. I feel like if I put the work in and nothing happens after an active year, I will be able to finally move on. I feel doing so will be better than not doing anything at all. Also, I work full-time, have three children including a one year old daughter and a husband. With everything on my plate, an active year, I feel, will be a good starting point.

I do it afraid!

Every time I get ready to post on Instagram @therlslife, I second guess myself, but I still do it, sometimes. I rarely like the picture or the caption, but I post it. Since Instagram is not my focus right now, I am more lenient on that platform.

I do not try to do everything at once.

My focus right now is mainly, Youtube and my blog. Pinterest is next, then Instagram. I am still figuring Instagram out, but that will come in time. Remember I am giving myself a year and my hands are full.

These are just a few things I am doing to keep myself focused on what I want to do. Are things perfect, no, but they are done, every week, even if it is down to the wire, lol. The first step is to try. Getting started allows me to see if this is something I really want to do. How will I know what can happen if I don't get started?!?!

As always, I hope this helps! Share with me how you stomp out fear! Is there anything you want to start but are afraid?

Thank you for your time! TheRLSLife

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